Draki are a species of creature descendant of dragons, with the ability to appear as humans, which has allowed them to survive in a world dominated by humans. It is believed that they were initially Draki for the majority of the time, manifesting as humans, but now appear as humans, manifesting as draki at will or in times of great stress.

Social animals, Draki live in prides, traditionally with a patriarchal lead.


Different species of Draki have different abilities. Some of the known species and thier abilities are as follows;

  • Earth Draki
    • Movement of earth and stone.
  • Fire Draki
    • Breathing fire.
  • Hypnos Draki
    • Unconfirmed, but most likely hypnosis (also unlikely to affect other Draki)
  • Onyx Draki
    • Very strong, usually male (all know onyx Draki are male)
  • Phaser Draki
    • Unknown.
  • Shader Draki
    • Creates magical fog with various properties including sleep-inducing. Does not affect other Draki.
  • Verda Draki
    • Knowledge of herbology, great cooks.
  • Visiocrypter Draki
    • invisibility.
  • Water Draki
    • grow gills instantly when submerged in water. Can remain submerged forever, if they choose to.

Other InformationEdit

In more recent years a growing number of Draki offspring have not manifested a Draki form at all.

In historical terms, Draki Prides are tribal and generally do not work together, more often going to war on each other.

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